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Right Care has been voted as one of the top 10 most recommended care providers in the east of England for the 3rd year running. This is a massive achievement for an independent care provider. Thank you to all our staff who have made this possible. 
Noisy hospitals can accelerate the course of dementia in elderly patients, experts have found. 
The confusion of busy waiting rooms or seeing different doctors and nurses can send patients into a rapid decline, according to a major study. 
The research, led by University College London and the University of Cambridge, is the first to show that becoming acutely confused and disorientated - a condition known as delirium - can accelerate cognitive decline among patients with dementia. 
Patients who enter this state often reveal the onset of dementia for the first time. 
Concussions drastically increase one's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, new research shows. 
Scans performed on wounded war veterans have revealed the clearest evidence to date that mild head injuries wear down the defenses of brain regions vulnerable to the disease. 
Until now, doctors considered severe traumatic brain injury a key risk factor for developing neurodegenerative diseases such as late-onset Alzheimer's. 
A pill for Alzheimer’s is on the way thanks to an unlikely source of Brussels sprouts. 
The experts from Durham and Aberdeen universities are creating a supercharged version of the acid produced by vitamin A rich vegetables like sprouts, carrots, spinach and tomatoes. Scientists say the festive food contains a nutrient which combats neurological disorders including dementia. Human trials could begin in the next two years! 
A major study suggests Millions of people have a greater risk of developing dementia because they live near a busy road. 
Scientists have found people exposed to traffic fumes and noise were up to 12 per cent more likely to develop the disease. 
And among these people those at the highest risk are those living within 50 metres of a major road in which up to one in nine cases of dementia might be caused by traffic exposure. 
We would like to wish all our staff and service users a Happy New Year
We would like to wish a Merry Christmas to all our service users and staff. Right Care would not be one of the most recommended agencies in East Anglia if it was not for our amazing dedicated staff who again without hesitation will give up part of their Christmas with their families to ensure other people are cared for. 
I am proud to have these exceptional people part of my team and want to personally thank them for all they do. 
Keaz Kadar 
Senior Manager 
We have won another prestigious award !!!! Right Care are pleased to announce we are listed in the top 10 recommended homecare agencies in East of England and the only agency to make it from the Colchester area. 
We would like to thank all of our staff for their hard work and dedication. 
Right Care would like to say a big well done to our Staff and Service users who took part in the pier to pier walk. It was for a brilliant cause and Sponsor money is on way to you all. 
We were asked as a leading home-care provider on our opinion on the investment for community care please check full report here...